Hi Dr. Sahinoglu, I hope you are doing well. I’m feeling really good and I had my first day at work and nobody recognized my surgery due to your good work ????
BR, Christian

Christian BR.

Had a hair transplant with 2000 grafts to the top of my head. Felt to be in very good hands with Prof. Dr. Sahinoglu and his team at all times and would recommend this clinic highly!

Michel F.

I had my hair transplant in 2019 (about 1800 grafts) and I could not have imagined a better result. The hairline is so natural, that no one knows I had a hair transplant. Dr. Sahinoglu is definitely one of the best. I had an interpreter with me but you can easily communicate in english with him.

Sam R.

I should first make about 2400-3000 grafts, this was discussed with the previous photos (in the email offer). In the personal practice, however, it became clear that I needed around 2000 grafts. So less and cheaper for me, so Dr S is / was not about money, but about a good result. This confirms my positive impression!
No package price for 4000 grafts or anything else like in the big clinics where money is more important!
I would like to thank everyone involved once again from the bottom of my heart – THANK YOU !!!!!! You changed my life! Best regards, Daniel G.

Daniel G.

When I – as a doctor colleague – asked some critical questions, he answered calmly and in a way that made sense to me, so that even the last doubts that still existed until the end were eliminated. Now it’s 5 days post-HT for me and I’m glad I took the step. Of course, I can’t say anything about the result yet, but I’m super happy I was able to enjoy the treatment organized by healthtravel with such a nice and proven colleague! A heartfelt thank you!

C. S.

After a long research, I decided to have an operation with Dr. Sahinoglu decided and can only recommend him. Since the operation was only a few days ago, I cannot report anything about the results yet. But what I can only give you: For everyone who is looking for professional advice and a professional doctor and team, Dr. Sahinoglu the right address. The discussion at the beginning was very detailed and at eye level, and the entire process is accompanied and carried out by the doctor. So you’re not just one of many. This ensures that the good gut feeling was at least confirmed for me in advance and that I came back from Istanbul with a positive experience. Thanks to the team and also to Health Travels for the professional organization and advice on all aspects of the operation!

Kevin L.

I give my top rating to Dr. Sahinoglu and his team. They provide the top hair transplant treatment. Moreover, it is provided at a fair price. Not only the treatment itself, but also the pre- and post-treatment had been provided at the top level. In fact, Dr. Kayihan Sahinoglu deserves a lot more positive feedback than I could find online. Thus, I kindly ask all his patients to leave their honest review. This will help other people to easier find the top hair treatment clinic.

Peter J.

I was expecting a high level from the recommendations and adjustment I received above expectation. Beyond excellent service and amazing staff, Dr. Sinogaglo is simply a true professional. Honest. And above all, the natural look is important to him. And he’s just an artist. There is no other word. Still waiting for the results but definitely recommend to everyone. Not only does he pass all the treatment (in the final stage of inserting the follicle so the interns help him) He is close to you all day, even breakfast and lunch you sit together. Just a pleasure.

עמית אמסלם

After a ton of research, I decided to book with Dr. Kayihan Sahinoglu. He is not only an excellent surgeon, but a university professor and contributor to his field. He and the nurses are also very pleasant and friendly. I enjoyed the conversations we had. I flew in from Canada, and managed to have an incredible visit of Turkey prior to my appointment. The appointment was exactly 100% as expected, if you watch his promotional videos on YouTube. Extra safety measures (masks, sanitization) were taken to protect from COVID-19. Breakfast and lunch were provided. The only pain was from the local anesthesia. I fell asleep for almost half of the surgery. Still in recovery but looking forward to the results!

Evan L.

I have had a session of hair transplant done by Dr Kayihan Sahinoglu and must state that I am completely satisfied. After a long and lengthly research from (Sydney Australia) among so many options in Turkey, I decided to go ahead with Dr Sahinoglu. It was an easy and smooth operation and the result is so natural and amazing. My barber could not believe it. Thank you so much for the great work.

Mehran A.